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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rotary Sand Drier, Fluidized Sand Cooler, Rotary Polygon Siever, Portable Vibratory Sand Siever, Deck Type Sievers, Sand Muller with Aerator, Intensive mixers, Belt Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Pneumatic Conveyor. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Sand Plant Equipment-Shell Mold

Sand Plant Equipment-Shell Mold

One stop solution for Shell moulding Foundry-Part To Plant
Tooling-Resin sand coating plant-Core Shooters-Plant Layout-Mould Handling-Pouring-Metal Handling-Thermal Sand reclamation
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Rotary Sand drier


Ganesh rotary sand drier is specially designed to improve the quality of sand which ultimately reflects in quality and economy of castings. Moisture is removed from sand effectively. Ganesh sand drier is sturdy in design and rigid in construction. The drum body is specially designed to withstand high temperature of firing unit. To avoid the heat loss drum is wrapped with asbestos sheet. This machine is designed to for maximum sand drying capacity in minimum time. The sand is conveyed from one side to other with fin type screw conveyor. The drum is rotated on rollers. Requires less floor space and minimum oil consumption. Cone type sand drier and double drum type sand drier are also available.
• Capacity : 1 ton per hour to 5 ton per hour
• Designed to improve quality of sand which ultimately reflects in quality & economy of casting
• Fuel - Diesel, Kerosene, Crude Oil & LPG etc
• Available in compact double drum type design
• Requires less floor space & min, oil consumption

Fluidized Sand Cooler 5Tph to 20 Tph

Ganesh fluidized sand cooler is specially designed to have a dust free return sand at constant temperature ensuring good mould quality.
• Ganesh fluidized sand cooler gives rapid and efficient cooling of sand.
• Capacity 1Ton per hour to 20 ton per hour.


Rotary Polygon Siever


Ganesh rotary polygon sand seiver is designed to get the high quantity of sand.
• Capacity : 8 Ton to 10 Ton / Hr. (Dry Sand)
• Motor : 3 H. P. & Reduction Gear Box

Rotary Drum Type Siever

Ganesh drum type sand Siever is intensively used in large and medium type foundry. The drum is fabricated and mounted on two rigid frames. The drum is wrapped with required M.S. mesh sieve. Sieve is replaceable.
• Capacity 8-10 ton per hour
• Fabricated drum mounted on two rigid frames
• Drum is wrapped with replaceable MS sieve
• Capacity : 8-10 TPH
• Motor : 2 H.P. & reduction gear box


Portable Vibratory Sand Siever


Ganesh portable vibratory sand siever is specially designed for small foundries. The salient feature of this machine is that it can be moved easily moved at any corner of foundry. The pan is suspended and vibrated with unbalanced weight. The pan is designed in such a way that sieved sand goes in one direction and unsieved sand goes on other side.
• Easily moved at any corner of foundry
• Available in single, double & three deck models
• Capacity : 3 TPH
• Motor : 1 H.P.

Deck Type Sievers

Ganesh 2 deck and four deck sievers are designed to sieve two or four different grades of sands. These are special machines manufactured as per customer requirement. Pan is designed to ensure that no mixing of grades is possible.
• Easily moved at any corner of foundry
• Available in single, double & three deck models
• Capacity : 3 TPH
• Motor : 1 H.P.


Sand Muller With Aerator


Ganesh sand muller is designed for mixing of heterogeneous mass of two or more dry or wet material into homogeneous uniformly blended and bonded product. This machine is sturdy designed made from heavy channels and plates. The rollers are spring loaded to adjust mulling pressure.
• Accessories : auto sand charging system, automatic cycle control, carbide tipped scraper blades, linings for drums, sand aerator.
• Ganesh sand mullers are provided with sand aerator, sand charging system, carbide blades and S. S. linings.
Capacity 50 kgs to 1 ton.
Ganesh has taken plunge to automize the existing sand muller into highly productive one.
We give customize solution to your existing mullers and improve productivity with minimum human dependence.
• Muller capacity - 75, 125, 175, 250, 350, & 500 kg
• Mixer capacity - 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, & 500 kg
• Rollers are spring loaded
• Auto charging system, cycle control can be made to accommodate additional facilities

Automatic Core Sand Mixer And Transfer Trolley For Coldbox Sand

Ganesh sand mixer is proven design. Specially designed s - shaped blades ensures that sand mixing takes place in minimum time.
• Ganesh sand mixer blades are exchangeable. These blades are hard spot welded which prevents the blades from wear.
• Weighing and mixing of material are automatically controlled.
• Ganesh co2 sand mixers and Ganesh no-bake sand mixers are also available
• Capacity 50 kg to 1 ton
• Fully automatic nobake sand mixer with automatic weighing system.

Intensive Mixers


Ganesh intensive sand mixer is specially designed for mixing core sand and similar materials. The s type impellers are fabricated and hard spot welded. The wear plates are exchangeable. Pneumatic door opening is provided. This is advanced design for big and small foundries. The breakers are also provided to break the heterogeneous mass. Ganesh co2 sand mixers and Ganesh no-bake sand mixers are also available.
• Designed for high speed mixing of green sand & other additives to prepare high capacity moulding sand. Shorter mixing time, Economic usage of benlonite, consists of mixing chamber, mixing blades, motorized gear drive for mixing blades & blender with drive unit.

Capacity: 100 kg to 1 ton

Belt Conveyors With Ploughs

Ganesh belt conveyors are working successfully in many foundries. Often these belt conveyors are equipped with overhead magnetic separators.
• Ganesh belt conveyors are available in portable as well as fixed type.

Belt Conveyors With Ploughs

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Ganesh bucket elevator is a proven design. Sturdy design, minimum maintenance, long life, maximum efficiency is some of the salient features.Buckets are fabricated and hard spot welded to have high wear life.Ganesh bucket elevators are available in fixed as well as portable type design.

Screw Conveyor

Ganesh screw conveyors are compact design. These conveyors are offered as per customers specific requirements.

Screw Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveyor

Pneumatic conveying

Ganesh pneumatic conveyors utilizes air pressure to move sand or other free flowing granular materials through pipe in a dense mass at relatively low velocity.
Salient Features :
• Compact and fully automatic with PLC control.
• Less air pressure is required.
• Less wear on pipe and pipe fittings.
• Low maintainance.
• Lowest energy consumption compared to other way of transportation.
• Capacity : 1 ton- 10 ton per hour.

Sand Hoppers

Sand Hoppers

500 kg to 100 ton & Bucket elevators

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