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1. Geared tilting ladle


Ganesh tilting ladles are designed and manufactured to follow the Indian standard specification to the extent applicable. Ganesh manufactures geared, lip pouring, crane suspended, tea pot spout and drum type ladles for iron foundries and geared and crane suspended bottom pouring ladles for steel foundries.
Ladles ranges from 300 kg to 10 ton.
Salient features :
• Correct balance ensuring safe operation and less human effort.
• Enclosed gearbox.
• Spare parts readily available.
• In accordance to IS specification

2. Ladle Preheaters

• Ganesh ladle preheater find application in heating refractory linings of bottom pouring and lip pouring ladles.
• Ganesh ladle preheaters are available with oil, LPG, gas fired options.

Salient feature:
• Saves fuel and time by ensuring ladle lining is ready to receive molten metal.
• It helps to prevent blows due to dried or poorly heated lining.
• It improves metal quality by reducing heat losses from metal.


3. Ladle handler

Ladle Handler

Ganesh ladle handlers are designed with spring operated pawl for the vertical movement of ladles. Extra large friction disc brakes are provided for maximum safety.

Foundry laddle


Lip pouring, 50 kg to 100 kg

S G Iron treatment ladle

S.G.Iron treatment up to 3 ton


T spout up to 3 tons

Big Ladles

Big ladles with bail up to 25 ton

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