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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Liquid Resin Sand Coating Plant, Solid Resin Sand Coating Plant, Resin Coated Sand Plant, Coating Machine. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

1. Liquid resin sand coating plant

Liquid Resin Sand Coating Plant

Ganesh resin sand coating plant is a specially designed plant working on a warm coating process. We are the India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of sand coating plant. Main machine consists of four parts like sand mixer, hot air oven, sand sievers and cyclone. The mixer impeller is ‘S’ blade type fitted with replaceable Ni-hard tips and liners. The hot air from blower is forced into the drum through the oven. A bucket type sand charger is operated pneumatically. High heating efficiency is maintained with the help of heater box insulated with ceramic wool blanket. The bucket type screen is a high energy screen that breaks the lumps and sieves the sand without damaging the coating. The cyclone separates the resin sand particles with the help of cyclone effect and gives smooth flow of separated particles. The control panel has fully automatic operation
• Export to many countries.
• Batch capacity : 70 kg to 350 kg.
Optional accessories :
• Automatic pre weighing arrangement for sand as well as resin
• Volumetric dosing of resin
• Electronic batching system
• PLC control
• Capacity - 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, & 300 kg.
• Works on the warm coating process
• Plant consists, Mixer Chamber with 'S' type blades, Hot air chamber with Blower, vibrating screen, cyclone to collect coated sand & to remove fine dust and control panel for fully automatic operation cycle.
• Optional Heating : Electrical, LPG, Diesel etc.

With experience of more than 30 years in sand coating application and more than 70 installations till date, we can claim that Ganesh Quality Machines Pvt. Ltd. is the biggest Manufacturer, Supplier of resin sand coating plant in India. Our team of experts will give you best solution as per your requirement. We can give you complete consulting right from the sand selection, binder selection, level of automation required as well as all supporting equipment for sand coating. We are one stop solution for sand preparation equipment like sand drying, sand cooling, sand Handling, sand sieving. We can design complete flexible plant with automatic weighing and batching system for sand coating.

2. Solid resin sand coating plant (Flake resin sand coating plant)

Solid resin sand coating plant has many advantages over liquid resin systems. High strength achieved at lower resin percentage, improved quality, reduced cycle time to name a few. To fulfill the requirement of customers in solid resin system, ganesh has put in research and development effort and come up with best product. We have exported the complete systems to other countries like turkey, iran, south africa. We can design complete automatic turnkey plant with auto weighing system for each binder, SCADA controls and complete sand handling system.

Flake resin sand coating plant

3. Sand weighing and batching system

Sand weighing and batching system

Ganesh quality machines is one stop solution for our customers for the installation of resin sand coating plants. We not only sell our products but we guide our customer to select the proper process. Our team of expert can design complete plant for the customers with focus on flexibility and Process control. Our customers do have a competitive edge over the competitors.

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Resin Sand Coating Plant

Resin Sand Coating Plant

Success Stories
• Installation of first resin sand coating plant way back in 1990, the plant still working efficiently with 300 tons per month
• Installation of Fully Automatic sand Coating Plants in Tata Motors
• Sundaram Clayton, Forace Polymers, Indo shell
• Exports of fully automatic flake resin sand coating plant
• Complete turn key project and consulting

Supporting Equipments
• Sand Weighing and batching system
• Sand Drier 1ton to 5 ton
• Sand Handling equipments
• Belt conveyors, Bucket elevators
• Lumps Breaker
• Pneumatic Conveyors
• Portable Sievers
• Gas Heating Unit

Resin Sand Coating Plant

Resin Sand Coating Plant

Ganesh quality machines is one stop solution for our customers for the Resin Type Solid & Liquid

Capacity : 100 , 200, 300, 500 (kg/batch)
Options : Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic

Special features:
• Automatic addition of additives
• Sand Weighing and batching system, Complete turnkey project
• SCADA system

More than 100 installations, Export to many countries